Clawing, scraping, tearing, skittering and screaming.

Your sight has failed you as the darkness envelops. You can only hear… and feel.

The local power plant went dark a few years back, and the word around town is that something happened inside the walls so awful that the reactor shut down without warning. Don’t let your imagination run wild at the things that are brushing your legs, grabbing your arms and sinking their teeth into anything they can…

However, we can assure you that what’s really stalking you is exactly what wakes you up in the middle of the night. It knows you – it knows what terrifies you and it won’t let you escape.

Abandon your sight and use your sense of touch to explore through what you thought was just a power plant, and find yourself face to face with the most primal fear known on Earth: Complete darkness.

Indy Scream Park - Killgore's 3D Circus
Indy Scream Park - Zombieland Unchained
zombie paintball assault - indy scream park
Indy Scream Park - Backwoods
Indy Scream Park - Nightmare Factory Blackout