Bonzo used to live a life full of blood, carnage and gore just like any other respectable clown, but had trouble making ends meet. It was hard to make cash when the job was literally killing off the clientele, making it difficult to have repeat customers. Looking around for a second passion, Bonzo found an alternative to bloodshed and massacre: Craft beer brewing.

Long hard days of working on different brews turned into long months without seeing a dollar in his pocket from all his endeavor. The beer was too “irony”, the color was too red, and the beer drinkers didn’t appreciate their own fingers being cut off and used as a garnish in the seasonal brews. It was all going oh so very wrong for poor old Bonzo.

Then one night, reminiscing over a sharp butcher knife, Bonzo had a grand idea: Instead of making the beer himself, coerce all of the local vendors to sell their beers under his name.

Bonzo was, if anything, incredibly persuasive with a sharp blade or a steel bat and so it was rather easy to get all of the best local brew masters to “agree”.

Fully stocked with all the best local craft beers around, Bonzo’s Beer Garden in the Monster Midway is now open and Bonzo and his bat-crazy bar-mates Bobo, Icky & Chuckles are ready to make a killing.

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